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Secure Your Bank’s Future

As a mid-size bank executive, you’re well aware of the hurdles in attracting and retaining the next generation of customers amidst the dynamic banking landscape. Challenges include the rise of FinTech companies, evolving customer expectations, increased dispute costs, and the imperative shift from traditional branches to digital channels. Simultaneously, compliance requirements continue to evolve, adding complexity to your operations.

To address these challenges and ensure your bank’s future success, we present our Next-Gen Banking Platform. Tailored for mid-size banks like yours, this solution aims to accelerate your ability to share data between systems, to efficiently provide tailored customer experiences.


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Why Seamless Digital Transformation is Critical

Branch-to-digital transformation enables rapid onboarding of new customers within minutes using automation and self-service capabilities. This allows you to enhance customer engagement and provide seamless interactions across multiple channels.

The Banking Landscape is Changing

A new generation of customers expects banks to behave like technology companies, providing ubiquitous access to services, cutting-edge functionality, and a consistent experience across platforms.

The Consequences of Waiting

While the momentum for digital-first banking has been building for years, the pandemic and its aftermath are compelling traditional banks to redefine how they interact with customers. Banks that don’t innovate will be outpaced by those that do.

How Next-Gen Banking Platform can help

Overcome the challenges of acquiring and retaining the next generation of customers by embracing modern Red Hat technologies to enhance customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and maintain compliance.

Secure Your Bank’s Future

This platform’s value lies in its accelerators.
Think of these accelerators as ready-made solutions that cover 80% of what you need. These integrate and work from day one.

They operate within OpenShift and easily link to popular banking products like TSYS, Black Knight, FIS, Firserv and Temenos and more, using industry-standard connections. The best part is; time is saved and the lengthy laborious task of building custom development is achieved instantly, and we get you to your goals faster.

Take Control of your bank’s future, with the Next-Gen Banking Platform by Crossvale

Modernize Your Banking Environment in 3 Steps

Step 1

Analysis & Planning

Conduct a comprehensive analysis, gather requirements, define project objectives and map our accelerators to your needs.

Step 2

Solution Design & Architecture

Design the solution architecture, select appropriate technologies, and create a detailed solution design document.

Step 3

Development, Integration & Go-Live

Develop and integrate the solutions using an agile methodology, continuously testing and integrating components.

About Crossvale

Crossvale: An award-winning IT solutions provider and trusted member of vendor advisory committees, driving automation and commercial growth.

Containerization Mastery: Clients adopting containerization solutions from Crossvale reported a 50% improvement in application deployment speed and agility, streamlining their operations.

Downtime Reduction: Our clients experienced a 75% decrease in system downtime, resulting in uninterrupted service availability and improved customer satisfaction.

Efficiency Boost: Our solutions reduced manual tasks by up to 70%, resulting in a 45% improvement in overall operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction: 94% of our clients reported increased satisfaction and confidence in their IT operations after implementing Crossvale’s solutions.

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Take Control of your bank’s future, with the Next-Gen Banking Platform by Crossvale

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Crossvale not only ensured a seamless transition to OpenShift but also brought accelerators that saved us valuable time and resources.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
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Moving our healthcare applications to OpenShift was a daunting task, especially with stringent compliance requirements. Crossvale stepped in and provided the expertise we needed.
Director of IT Operations
We're now confidently running COTS and our own applications on OpenShift, enjoying rapid ROI.  Crossvale was the answer we'd been searching for
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We understand the unique needs and challenges of mid-size banks, and our platform is tailored to address them.

Take the proactive step towards acquiring and retaining the next-generation customer base efficiently while driving operational efficiency.

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